Textile Industry

Loom Monitor

Salient Features:

  1. Remote loom data monitor (LAN or web based)
  2. No.of picks expected, Actual no. of picks
  3. Loom Efficiency
  4. Total cloth weaving completed
  5. Remaining cloth to be completed in a batch
  6. Data for maintenance: No. of Faults, type of faults, time for which the fault present, frequency of Faults & operator stop etc. with time stamping
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The automation & the networking of looms to the centralized computers offers lots of advantages & opens up a wide range of options for enhancing productivity. The complete loom wise production data can be made available on centralized computer.
The data of faults of each loom helps the maintenance department to pinpoint the trouble making looms & take appropriate corrective action to increase the efficiency of looms & in turn increase productivity, with high graded fabric.