Textile Industry

Dyeing Controller

Salient Features:

  1. Built in PID loops for precise temperature gradient control.
  2. Heating & cooling cycles - Manual load & filling - Pretreatment - Dyeing - Manual drain after treatment
  3. Real time clock for alarms logging etc.
  4. Operator panel with CCFL backlit LCD display.
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  1. Analog I/P suitable for PT 100 or thermocouple.
  2. Logging of temperature curves
  3. Dosing functionality curves
  4. Multiple program storage
  5. Password for data / program entry to avoid unauthorised access.
  6. Minimum & maximum limit for parameter/data entry to avoid operator mistakes.
  7. Multi-lingual display (Optional)
  8. Real time Computer interface - RS232/RS485 for archival & further analysis SCADA or SPC control.