Textile Industry

Electronic let-off controller

Salient Features:

  1. Ideal for retrofit on air jet/water jet looms like DORNIER, SULZER, TSUDAKOMA, NISSAN, TOYODA, HIMSON etc.
  2. Close Loop Tension Control
  3. Precise synchronization with main motor
  4. Greatly reduces start stop and running marks
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The mechanical Let-Off uses combination of clutches and brakes. The wear, play and backlashes of these mechanical parts result in irregularities in density and is unable to meet over-demanding quality conscious customers requirement.

The electronic motor driven let off supplies the loom with the necessary warp yarn, maintaining the yarn tension constant from full beam to empty beam. Let off speed is automatically calculated in context with the loom speed,weft density, warp beam diameter & close loop tension control. Precise synchronization with main motor in forward & reverse direction plus special advance features helps greatly to reduce the start and stop marks thus, increasing the grade & quality of the fabric. It also makes cramming / density variation design possible.