Textile Industry

Computerized Pattern Making Controller (CPM)

Salient Features:

  1. Supplied to OEM - Sumatex
  2. Suitable for all kinds of looms & different fabrics.
  3. Specially designed solenoid driver circuit to meet high speeds, up to 1000 RPM.
  4. Energy efficient design – increasing the life of solenoids.
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We offer state of the art “Electronic Jacquard Controller” with latest technology for Name salvage. Its features, hardware as well as software are at par with international standards. The elaborate features of “Networking” with Windows based software offers centralized control and monitoring of the looms on the shop floor.
  1. Multiple design storage facility.
  2. Real time production information – run time, stop time, stop cause, efficiency etc. can be provided for statistical data analysis (Optional)
  3. Networking of multiple controller to a centralized computer (Optional)
  4. International standard Hardware and Software protocols thus opening wide range of options for using international design softwares for Jacquard weaving.
  5. Multiple operating modes option, manual and auto.
  6. Elaborate supervisory control and interlock for fault analysis.
  7. Distributed intelligent I/O structures; thus reduced cabling just one high speed / Bus cable from controller to solenoid board.
  8. Real time monitoring system eliminates Jacquard weaving errors.
  9. Software: Easy to operate Windows based software to accept the output data files of design software for Jacquard weavers and transfer controller compatible data file for lifting mechanism.