Textile Industry

Air jet loom controller

Salient Features:

  1. Ideal retrofit solution for AIR JET looms & WATER JET looms of different makes like DORNIER, TSUDAKOMA, NISSAN, TOYODA, SULZER, HIMSON etc.
  2. Tension control of let off through load cell feed back.
  3. Start mark is greatly reduced by way of programming and matching the let off servo drive with take up motion through PID control.
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It is a High speed Engine microprocessor based controller for the total weaving machine control. It synchronizes the weaving functions of the machine, controls the LET OFF, maintains the warp tension and activates the solenoid outputs in precise relation to the motion and angle of the loom.
  1. Angle programming for operating and closing solenoid valves.
  2. Monitoring of weft arrival angle.
  3. Memorized velocity during start-up
  4. Stopping angle control.
  5. Programming of machine parameters through operator friendly keyboard display.
  6. Self diagnostic, fault detection and indications.
  7. Interface of communication with host computer
  8. Modular DIN structure offers expandability and minimum down time
  9. Built in PLC handles all machine logic and interlocks
  10. Data logging for alarms and production data like loom speed, cumulative pick count & yardage, remaining yardage, stoppages etc.
  11. Internet connectivity for remote troubleshooting (Optional)