Printing Industry

Paper cutting machine controller "OMINICUT"

Salient Features:

  2. Two speed motor/servo motor interface
  3. 99 programs storage facility
  4. International standard
  5. Inverter frequency control
  6. Fully automatic
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OMNICUT CNC is a state of the art CNC for cutting machines. It is a microprocessor based system with international standard features and offers a functional and viable import substitute.

The OMNICUT – CNC Programmer is designed for precise positioning of the back gauge at pre-programmed cut marks. It's not just a back gauge controller but is a total machine controller. Each program contains complete cutting sequences to finish trim and lift of paper. After each cut the back gauge automatically moves to the next step i.e. next cut position in the sequence. The keyboard as well as cut & program – teach mode allows ease of programming even for complex jobs. The label cutting with trimming width is very simple because of special programming features. The industrial standard keyboard, display and DIN (German standard) modular design makes the operation and installation very simple and fast.
  1. Microprocessor based control system
  2. Step repetition of 99
  3. DIN (German standard)modular design
  4. Hunting / Search for final position
  5. Multiple programs (99) with multiple steps (64) facility
  6. Analog output +/- 10V for D.C. Drive (Optional)
  7. Interface for one / two speed A.C. motor with clutch brake arrangement
  8. CNC position control to give high precision
  9. Unidirectional positioning approach to eliminate Back Lash.
  10. Industrial standard fully sealed operator panel
  11. Easy to program - touch type Operator panel with Display for Mode, Target position, Actual position, Prog. No., Step No. etc.
  12. Teach (cut & program) mode for easy programming.
  13. Audio alarm & error display facility
  14. Fully automatic cutting operation possible
  15. Security lock key switch for program protection
  16. Pitch error compensation for lead screws gives better accuracy.
  17. In Position signal with audio indication.
  18. Metric / inch programming
  19. Eject of cut material
  20. Built in PLC offers flexibility to incorporate additional machine logic
  21. Greater accuracy, less rejection and increased productivity
  22. Manual mode provided easy setting
  23. Label cutting feature
  24. Infra red barrier interface for operator safety
  25. Two hand cutter operation for extra safety
  26. Built in logic for air table, pressure clamp etc.
  27. Backgauge moves only when knife/ cutter is up
  28. Elaborate alarms and self-diagnostics
  29. No. of cuts counter for production and knife usage
  30. On line TEACH IN (Cut & Program)
  31. Direct interfacing with DC servo drive for faster acceleration and increased position accuracy