Plastic Industry

Plastic Injection Moulding Machine Controller

Operational Features:

  1. Multiple stages for injection/plasticizing/hold on operations.
  2. Auto mould height adjustment.
  3. Closed loop PID temperature control for 7 zones + oil temperature monitoring.
  4. Weekly schedule for heater ON/OFF control based on internal Real Time Clock.
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Additional Operational Features

  1. Auto purging.
  2. Core pull / Air ejection.
  3. Internet Connectivity IP Boosts Process Efficiency
  4. Multiple stages for mould close / open operations
  5. Manual heater control facility with fixed duty cycle.
  6. Interface with Variable Displacement Pump (Optional)
  7. Oil preheating option for cold regions.
  8. Cold start up prevention.
  9. 64 sets of mould memory storage.
  10. Automatic lubrication control.
  11. Password protection for data security.
  12. Drop detect (Optional)
  13. Robotic arm interface (Optional)

Monitoring & Diagnosis Features

  1. Elaborate alarm system
  2. Alarm logging with Real Time Clock
  3. Hour meters & job counters
  4. I/0 status indication on operator panel
  5. Energy consumption display
Injection moulding machine controller is a High-speed microprocessor based system with 32 bit architecture. The controller offers features at par with international standards. The controller has "INTERNET CONNECTIVITY" option for remote troubleshooting & monitoring.

Hardware Features :

  1. Modular construction with DIN standard rack system.
  2. 32 digital I/P's & 32 digital 0/P's (Relay or transistorized).
  3. Expandable up to 255 I/0's.
  4. 8 analog I/P's for direct thermocouple interface.
  5. 4 analog I/P's for linear potentiometer interface with built-in excitation supply.
  6. 4 current driver solenoid 0/P's with max. 2A for proportional valve control
  7. CCFL back lit LCD MM1 with 340x 240 & 240 x 128 (optional).
  8. Internet connectivity.
  9. Interface for energy meter.
  10. Encoder interface & closed loop position control for 4 axes suitable for
    "ALL ELECTRIC MACHINE" (Optional).
  11. Real time PC interface on RS 232/ RS 485 (Optional).