Aluminium Foundry

Die casting machine controller

Salient Features:

  1. Ideal for retrofit of HMT, Buhler, Idra, Ube, Toshiba, Zetai, Ital Presse etc.
  2. Fast shot changeover by linear position transducer or limit switch interface or timer based.
  3. Machine and Plunger Lubrication control.
  4. Injection speed monitoring for two phases and intensification pressure for third phase.
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We offer proven industrial grade controllers for Die casting machine & peripherals. Our controller is ideal for retrofit of Buhler, Idra, Ube, Toshiba, Zetai, Ital Presse etc. The controller offers ideal retrofit and upgrade solution for old controls like NORSTAT and electrical logic controls.
  1. Multiple Core operation including squeeze core.
  2. High speed CPU with 32-bit architecture.
  3. LCD MMI (14 rows X 40 characters) + LED numeric display for long distance viewing of crucial parameters.
  4. Calibration of intensification pressure characteristics is made easy with digital setting precision for proportional valve interface.
  5. Auto calibration for intensification pressure.
  6. Low Pressure Die Close feature.
  7. Parabolic Injection profile (optional).
  8. Analog output for plunger in two phases of injection and follow through.
  9. Ejection with multiple strokes.
  10. Automatic operation of doors with safety interlocks.
  11. User friendly component settings such as selection of cores, time settings for cooling, die opening etc.
  12. Machine Status information: Current operation, peripheral, machine movement etc.
  13. Multiple recipes storage for up to 32 dies / components thus greatly reducing die / component changeover time.
  14. Digital setting of intensification pressure
  15. Injection speed & intensification pressure monitoring: Tool for Q.C. & minimizing rejection.
  16. Alarm logging with date & time for production control and minimum down time.
  17. Energy saving logic (optional).
  18. Real time PC interface – RS 232 (optional)
  19. Elaborate self-diagnostics.