Machine Tool

Controller for Induction hardening machine

Salient Features:

  1. Ideal for scanning type machines
  2. Programmable parameters like Heat level, Dwell, Quench time, Position, Feed rate etc.
  3. 128 user programs of 64 steps each
  4. Elaborated alarms and messaging
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  1. High speed CPU with 32-bit architecture
  2. CCFL Back lit LCD MMI
  3. No settings are to be done, if job is changed. e.g. dog positions, timer value, heat valued etc.
  4. High reliability as controls are with digital precision
  5. Self diagnostics
  6. Battery back-up memory (Minimum 4 years)
  7. Product program uploading / downloading through PC (Optional)
  8. Feed rate override (FRO) facility
  9. Close loop position control with PID for scanning axis with AC/DC servo drives & motors
  10. Coil & job number entry for each program
  11. Auto syntax checking and indication for each step entered
  12. Data logging facility for temperature, pressure and heat power for SPC (optional) & evaluating process capacity index Cpk and Cp
  13. Security using passwords (4 levels)
  14. One analog output of 0 to 10 VDC for 0 to 100% heat programmed
  15. Compact reduced wiring thus higher reliability
  16. The machine eliminates need for a skilled operator & manual errors are reduced.
  17. MODBUS support
  18. DIN (German) standard Modular Design
  19. Built in PLC
The CNC offers state of the art control for vertical/ horizontal scanning type Induction Hardening Machines. It controls the machine logic and at the same time controls the scanning axis position as per the user programmed values. The controller is available with CCFL Back lit LCD MMI. The integrated closed loop position control and PLC offers position-synchronized outputs, which are not possible with conventional PLCs. The programming is simple and dedicated to suit machine specific applications

Optional Features:

  1. Analog VP interface for monitoring/PID control for heat power, flow, quench water temperature, voltage & current etc.
  2. Additional close loop control axis synchronized with machine logic.
  3. Internet connectivity for remote - monitoring, control & troubleshooting.
  4. M Codes for auxiliary functions like job support, clamp & machine specific logic


  1. Scanning Axis position
  2. Feed Rate
  3. Heat Percentage
  4. Dwell Time
  5. Quench 1 & 2
  6. Job Rotation
  7. Real time computer interface-Data Logging