Machine Tool

Surface grinding machine controller

Salient Features:

  1. Ideal solution for ELB surface grinding machine
  2. Control of X-axis hydraulically operated.
  3. Plunge, zigzag cycles are available through our controller.
  4. Servomotor interface of Y-axis i.e. grinding wheel up/down. Accepts the position feedback of encoder from Y axis servo-motor and provides closed loop control thus precise positioning of Y-axis.
  5. Z-axis i.e. grinding wheel forward/reverse induction motor control.
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  1. 14 x 40 size dedicated LCD HMI.
  2. Programming through ISO standard S-H-T-M-G codes.
  3. All axis control in manual and auto mode. Programming mode is provided to program the steps as per user requirement i.e. depth of cut, steps in cutting etc.