Machine Tool

Cylindrical Grinding machines controller

Salient Features:

  1. ISO standard S-H-T-M-G codes programming.
  2. M.P.G. interface for X,Y,Z and F.R.O. for servo axis.
  3. Canned cycles: Zig-zag - Plunge - Traverse and Dressing.
  4. Auxiliary function codes for : Coolant ON/OFF, Table Oscillations ON/OFF.
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  1. Canned cycle parameters: Rough cut - Fine cut - Spark out - Dwell - Dressing (Depth of cut independently programmable for each operation).
  2. Modes : Manual - Auto - Program - M.P.G. (Handwheel).
  3. Interface for Push buttons and selector switch on panel.
  4. Program storage on Memory cassette.
  5. Elaborate Self-Diagnostics, safety and error messages.
  6. In-process dressing cycle and automatic compensation for depth.
  7. Operator panel: Industrial standard membrane keyboard with displays for axes positions, Program block and error messages.
  8. Rotary encoder / Linear scale interface for position feedback.
The Two Axes controller with closed loop control and CNC precision offers a perfect solution for cylindrical grinding machines. The two axes are namely the Z - axis for grinding and the longitudinal / linear indexing axis which is similar to the first axis of surface grinding machine.

Automatic Dressing cycle and Dressing Compensation: A rotary encoder should be mounted on the dressing slide for position feedback, for precise compensation.

Accuracies : There is no limitation from the controller for achieving precision, the extent of automation, in-process gauging interface for MARPOSS - Touch probe etc. The accuracies depend on the mechanical system accuracies, drive arrangement and their controls.