Battery Industry

Remote intelligent Sensor actuator control system

Salient Features:

  1. The centralized controller interfaces with the Remote intelligent “Sensor – Actuator” modules.
  2. Fast and easy to install and expand.
  3. Single serial cable with Industrial Grade connectors.
  4. Real time PC interface – for SCADA/Animation/Report Generation – eHub for factory automation.
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  1. Sensor/ Actuator Interfaces: 1 I/O channel or 4 I/O channel or 8 I/O channel.
  2. Wide range of intelligent I/O sensor and Actuator interfaces:
    » Digital I/O: AC-DC relay solid state.
    » Analog I/O: Voltage, current, pressure, thermocouple, RID, flow etc.
    » Special Intelligent modules: PID, Position Sensor, Speed measurement.
  3. Party line – RS 485 – Up-to 2000 meters (Repeater – Fiber Optic optional).
  4. Ideal for clean environment.
  5. Less floor space as I/O wiring need not be connected to the central controller.