Battery Industry

Datalogger 1+12/24 channel

Salient Features:

  1. Measures 12 or 24 Battery Voltages in the range ± 3 V each. (± 20 V optional)
  2. Measures 1 Current Channel using Shunt feedback of 75 mV.
  3. Data logging events :- RTC based / External input / Time interval based and Intelligent AH based.
  4. LCD operator panel for “On-the-Spot” monitoring & control of data-logger.
  5. MODBUS party line connectivity to central computer.
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  1. RS 485 MODBUS allows cascading up to 31 data-loggers on a single party line.
  2. Data is stored in CSV format files, which can be easily imported to MS Excel or any other database.
  3. Data logging can be done in synchronization with Charger cycle.
  4. Time based Data logging also provided.
  5. Cycle continuation in case of Power failure.
  6. Storage capacity of 31 samples per channel.