Battery Industry

Distributed charger control system for battery formation

Salient Features:

  1. Each DCCS controller can support up to 24 circuits.
  2. Windows based PC Software for Program editing, down loading, monitoring of circuit parameters, Registration, etc.
  3. Data registered is available in CSV format, which can be used with any database software such as MS Excel etc.
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  1. Up to 31 DCCS controllers can communicate with a Centralized PC using RS 485 Party
  2. Line subject to 240 circuits in all.
  3. Accuracy: +/- 0.2 % Typical (Depends on the sensors used)
  4. Program storage 60 steps per program.
  5. No. of programs on PC : 1000
  6. Status of all circuits in the selected group can be monitored.
  7. Status display shows: Voltage, Current, Time, Program No., Step No., AH, WH, Temperature.
  8. Step Commands: Charge, Discharge, Pause, Charge/Discharge Ramp, Registration
  9. ON/OFF, DAT, End of Cycle / EOF, Set Amp-Hr, Set Watt-Hr. Loop.
  10. Step Control parameters: Current, Voltage and Temperature (Any two parameters can be programmed in one step).
  11. Step Termination parameters: Voltage, Amp Hr, Watt Hr., Temperature With less than OR Greater than option, Loop count, Time. (Any One OR Two parameters can be programmed & action will be effected on whichever is effective earlier)
  12. Program Abort Parameters: Voltage, Amp Hr, Watt Hr., and Temperature. (Any One OR Two parameters can be programmed & action will be effected on whichever is effective earlier)
  13. Step Registration can be done on Time, Amp Hr, Watt-Hr, Temp and Voltage.
  14. Data is also registered automatically on User Interruption, Power Resume, and other errors.
  15. Local Storage of 40 Programs which can be used for offline operations
  16. Maximum allowable current is programmable for each circuit.
  17. START, STOP, and CONTINUE selected circuits from LCD MMI also.
  18. Circuit status and Input / Output monitoring from LCD MMI.
The Distributed Charger Control System (DCCS) is a complete system for controlling multiple chargers. The system not only controls but also registers data from each battery bank at programmed events. This gives a complete control solution for charging / formation process. Operator can monitor, control multiple circuits from a single PC using friendly Windows based software. Current, Voltage and/or Temperature can be controlled with Time, AH, WH, Temperature and/or Voltage as terminating conditions.