Battery Industry

Controller For Formation Rectifier - IPROF Current Profile Controller

Salient Features:

  1. Profile generator "IPROF" is programmable controller suitable for battery manufacturing
  2. Programmable current and time for charging, discharging and pause
  3. Direct 75mV shunt interface for actual current feedback
  4. Built in PI close loop adjusts the current reference output to set current
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  1. Large LED display for viewing status, programs from longer distance
  2. Keyboard for selection and editing of program, execution control
  3. Multiple program storage (9 factory programmed and 1 user programmable)
  4. In cycle display of actual current and elapsed time
  5. Memory retention: Automatic continuation of execution after power interruption
  6. Loop command available for intermittent charge/discharge with time base in seconds
  7. Cascading of programs - Continue command provides path to continue execution at other program, (Total 100 steps max.)
  8. Automatic data output issued in charge, discharge and pause for external data logger
  9. Additional data logging events can be generated with Data and EOF commands for external data logger
  10. Terminal Voltage monitoring at display
  11. Ampere / Hour measurement and display