Sheet Metal Forming Machines

ECAM- Electronic Cam Limit Switch

Salient Features:

  1. 15 outputs with on & off angle programming
  2. Each output can be set ON twice in one rotation
  3. Each output can be programmed as timed output
  4. Resolver interface suitable upto 1000SPM. Absolute position offers high level of safety
  5. Activation of outputs after programmed no. of revolutions
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ECAM-21 unit has in built 16 digital inputs and 16 digital outputs. It can be used as press controller for C type presses having following features:
  1. Display of crank angle and crank position
  2. Display Stroke counter
  3. Clutch control. Maintains the top stop at variable SPMs
  4. Lubrication control
  5. Inch/Once/Continuous modes
  6. Anti repeat, two hand safety, top stop function
  7. Stroke counter, batch counter
  8. Angle dependent outputs