Sheet Metal Forming Machines

Controller for Press brakes - Controller for synchronous press brake up to 4 axes

Salient Features:

  1. Total 128 programs of 16 steps each
  2. Tool data for 32 punches & 32 dies
  3. Y1-Y2 synchronization with built in closed loop PID control
  4. Servo lock for RAM at standstill for position correction against oil leakage.
  5. Close loop position control for AC/DC servo drives & motors
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  1. Two analog outputs of +/- 10V DC for interface with servo proportional valves of Bosch / Hoerbiger / Moog etc.
  2. One analog output of +/- 10V DC for pressure proportional valve for pressure control
  3. Auto computation of Y BDC position, Mute point, pinch point & pressing force
  4. Programming of Bend Angle / Y BDC, TDC, X position, Retract, Dwell Time, Decompression Time etc.
  5. Crowning adjustment interface (Optional)
  6. Bend angle compensation, BDC correction, Pinch point correction
  7. Y1, Y2, X axis control