IoT Solutions

Plant View - On line shop floor Performance Visibility & Productivity Management

Salient Features:

  1. Energy consumption monitoring
  2. Monitors plant performance – detail down time analysis for greater asset utilization.
  3. Plant productivity – Overall equipment effectiveness monitoring & reporting.
  4. Equipments downtime tracking & analysis.
  5. Web-based reporting for flexible access & collaboration.
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  1. SAP / ERP interface.
  2. Web-based dashboard for different access levels (Corporate, maintenance & Production)
  3. Ideal for data acquisition of various machines on plant to identify the productivity and operator efficiency at a glance
  4. It captures data like – cycle time, idle time, production count, number of machines running, idle and idle for more than tolerance limit.
  5. Loss analysis by reason code selection.
  6. OEE analysis by Performance rate, availability rate and quality rate.
  7. Online Monitoring and ANDON display options.
  8. Period-wise, shift-wise, operator-wise or product-wise analysis is possible.
  9. Reports generation like – Machine fault report, 16 big loss report, MTBF & MTTR, OEE report, Production summary report, Plant / Shop / Section wise report etc.
  10. Alerts by Audio, video and SMS.

Machine Monitoring System features

  1. MME (Machine Monitoring Equipment) is easy to install
  2. MME captures cycle data directly from machines &stores in central database Interfaces to any type of machine Interfaces to machine externally (independent of machine controller protocol)
  3. Keyboard display for online reason code selection Communicates on RS485 network (LAN/ wireless- Optional)
  4. Suitable for SMEs to large scale industries
  5. Structured data base management for intranet / internet application
  6. My SQL database: Data export to ERP/ MES /SAP
  7. Works on LAN as well as on single PC
  8. Data is captured & stored in MME even if PC is not connected /offline.

On Line Data Capture & Monitoring

  1. Cycle time
  2. Idle time
  3. Production count - shift wise
  4. ANDON Display (Optional)
  5. Number of machines running
  6. Number of machines idle
  7. Number of machines idle for more than tolerance limit

Reports & Analysis

  1. Machine fault report
  2. 16 Big losses report
  3. MTBF & MTTR
  4. Alarm report
  5. Alerts- Audio/Video/SMS for exceeding programmed time limit
  6. Plant / Shop / Section wise status report
  7. OEE report - Performance, Availability, Quality
  8. Performance report - shift / operator wise
  9. Built in self diagnosis to monitor all communication link status
  10. Production summary report