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Battery health monitoring systems - BHM 21

Salient Features:

  1. Configurable 16ch./32ch./48ch./64ch.
  2. Allows 512 batteries / cells in series / string (8 data loggers X 64 ch.)
  3. Data logging events :- RTC based / External input / Time interval based and Intelligent AH based.
  4. Alerts for early battery failure.
  5. Indication of remaining charge, back-up time available & faulty batteries.
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  1. Alarm indications by SMS and hooter / lamp
  2. Ideal for maintenance of UPS systems and AMC providers
  3. Measures battery voltage from 0 V to + 20 V per channel.
  4. Potential free relay outputs for indicating alarm / warning and synchronizing multiple data loggers.
  5. Data logger can store up to 16,384 logging events
  6. Facility of remote monitoring & data upload.
  7. It monitors individual batteries continuously & detects the faulty batteries thus offers high ROI as battery prices are substantially high.
  8. Provides early warnings for battery health (good, needs attention, ba
  9. PC based software for data analysis
  10. Web based data server option for remote data capture and analysis
Today battery back-up is vital and it is a major challenge to ensure intended battery back-up when power fails. BHM-21 helps in predicting the battery health in advance to take preventive action for ensuring uninterrupted power. It has also a feature of online battery health monitoring & analysis for VRLA batteries which aids in determining how a battery is going to perform during an emergency without deliberately disconnecting AC power.

Many applications today like Telecommunication, Railways, Battery Service providers, Battery backed systems like UPS etc. require good battery health monitoring systems for optimum battery use. Battery Health Monitoring system continuously monitors battery health & provides advance indication and warning pinpointing the faulty or abnormal battery behavior pattern under different load condition. This recorded data provides a vital tool for "UPS and Battery charge/ discharge equipment manufacturers" and users to analyze the system performance and take appropriate measures to ensure optimum performance and longer life of battery. The advance warning feature allows the users to take immediate action and preventive measure to avoid any permanent damage and also to ensure "Un-interrupted Power Supply" in true sense.