Aluminium Foundry

Auto Ladler controller

Salient Features:

  1. CNC with AC servo drive or PLC with induction motor & VFD
  2. Consistent scooping & pouring
  3. Settable cycle sequence
  4. Double sensor provision for metal level detection to take care of sensor failure
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  1. LCD MMI (14 rows X 40 characters) + LED Numeric display for long distance viewing of crucial parameters.
  2. Parabolic injection profile option.
  3. Multiple Core operation including squeeze core.
  4. Multiple Recipes storage for up to 32 Dies: reduces changeover time.
  5. Auto calibration of intensification pressure.
  6. Injection speed & intensification pressure monitoring: Tool for Q.C. & minimizing rejection.
  7. Alarm logging with date & time.
  8. Programmable parameters through LCD HMI
  9. Settable cycle abort time to prevent cooled metal pouring
  10. Low level detection of hold furnace