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Compaction Meter (CM21)

Compaction Meter (CM21)- Compaction Meter – Ideal Tool for optimizing Soil Compactor usage by avoiding excess passes. More uniform and optimal compaction – Results in better quality.

Salient Features:

  1. Indicates Compaction Value, Amplitude, Frequency
  2. Day Light Visible LED Display
  3. Dual colour LED Dial Display
  4. IP 65 Protection
  5. Dynamic measurement of soil stiffness
  6. No danger of over compaction
  7. Minimises number of passes hence Higher efficiency
  8. Maximises productivity
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It is an industrial grade rugged Compactometer with accelerometer interface for measuring Compaction Value. A transducer is bolted to the vibrating roller drum shaft to measure the change in rebound acceletation during compaction.The Compaction Value indicated provides guidelines for the stiffness of the surface & can be benchmarked with test patch.

CM 21 system consists of:
  1. Display unit
  2. Vibration Sensor
  3. Sensor connection Cable
  4. Power connection (Battery) Cable